Medi-Express Vinyl

Medi-Express Vinyl

Small: ME-301
Medium: ME-302
Large: ME-303
X-Large: ME-304


Material: Vinyl
Grade: Examination / Medical
Finish: Powder-Free
Color: Clear / Transparent
Gloves Per Box: 100
Boxes Per Case: 10
Count Per Case: 1000


  • Excellent alternative for latex-sensitive individuals for use in low-risk clinical applications
  • Powder-free to help prevent professionals from skin allergies, irritation and dryness
  • Ultra smooth surface offers optical touch and feel when working with small instruments
  • Cost-effective alternative to nitrile and latex when medical grade examination gloves are necessary
  • Soft, form-fitting and provide excellent barrier integrity for routine medical tasks not involving bodily fluids or blood borne pathogens

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