Performance Safety Group’s Medical Division provides procurement solutions for medical, dental, clinical, hospice and veterinary facilities, as well as educational institutions. As a leader in the medical exam glove industry, PSG understands the requirements of the healthcare industry and provides disposable gloves to meet or exceed your expectations. It is the mission of The Performance Safety Group Medical Team to enable its customers to save money and source easier. Solutions we provide include:

Medical Pricing

Our proven, long-lasting affiliations with several of the world’s leading manufacturers allow us to provide savings without compromising quality. Top Glove, the world’s largest rubber glove producer, renown for producing high-quality gloves at an efficient low cost, offers a wide and diverse product range in the healthcare segment. Our relationship dates nearly a decade and PSG is currently the largest Top Glove supplier in the USA. As one of Amazon’s highest volume sellers with numerous, multi-year government contracts, PSG purchases in container quantities that warrant preferred pricing, which allows us to pass significant savings to our healthcare customers.

PSG Greener Advantage packaging saves you money, time and storage space, while benefiting your bottom line. Our 200 and 250 per box nitrile glove options positively impacts our environment and your profit by reducing packaging, energy (carbon emissions) and waste. Simply divide the price of these boxes by 2.5 or 2 in order to compute the per glove savings as compared to standard, 100 count boxes.

Value and Selection

Performance Safety Group supplies a highly-diversified portfolio of high-quality, disposable gloves specifically designed to help our customers overcome common challenges. Our comprehensive collection – including latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl, examination, industrial and food service gloves – is sure to provide the perfect fit for your hand protection needs. We currently maintain over fifty medical grade nitrile examination glove options, including our own PSG branded products, Skintx, Shamrock, Med Express, Clean Safety, with high inventory levels in several distribution centers strategically located throughout the country allowing for immediate shipment nationwide.

To be directed to a particular glove brand, please visit brands or click the banner image below:

Additional Products & Services

As a value added service to our customers, PSG offers a unique, single source solution for all your disposable glove needs. Let us furnish your Janitorial, Housekeeping, Food Service and Warehouse staff with one of our Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl Industrial glove options. There’s a PSG glove for every task and every budget!

For the Industrial Grade glove designed for your application, please visit Industrial Products.

Inventory - Delivery

As a Top 5 disposable glove seller with Amazon -- the world’s biggest retailer -- with double digit quarterly grown and purchase orders eclipsing six figures, we are required to sustain high inventory levels. And, in addition to our commitment to our Amazon partnership, we successfully service numerous long-term government contracts throughout the county. Because PSG maintains ample inventory in strategically-positioned distribution centers across the country, nearly every order ships within 1-3 business days. You can be confident in our ability to meet each and every purchase order requirement in a timely fashion, as we ship 90% of all orders within 48 hours of receipt. Not only does this demonstrate our commitment to service, but further guarantees all our healthcare facility orders consistently ship in full without any backorders.


Performance Safety Group provides Amazon customers the most complete glove portfolio in the industry. Our comprehensive collection – consisting of approximately 100 latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl, examination, surgical, industrial and food service glove options – is sure to meet the specific needs of each of our customers based upon task, application and environment. We currently offer leading brands such as Skintx, Great Glove, Shamrock, Clean Safety, as well as our own PSG branded products. Since 2014, PSG consistently ranks as a leading seller and customers can shop with confidence knowing Amazon will handle packing, delivery, customer service, and returns. Click below to view what PSG and Amazon have to offer.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business provides easy access to hundreds of millions of products in a shopping experience built for businesses of all sizes. The marketplace offers business-only selection and pricing, bulk discounts, multi-user accounts, free shipping, payment solutions, tax exemptions, dedicated customer support and much more. Our glove portfolio – consisting of nearly 100 disposable glove options – is available on Amazon Business and sure to fulfill your needs. You’re invited to watch this brief video to see all Amazon Business has to offer.

Disposable Glove “Pallet Program”

Instituted in 2014, our "Pallet Program" was created with the convenience of our small-to-medium sized, healthcare glove customers in mind. After selecting one of our term agreements, customers are eligible to purchase disposable gloves at the same discounted price as our largest federal and state government customers. Or, if you prefer, simply visit our eBay Store which offers approximately twenty different disposable glove pallet options.

Latex-Free Initiative

In recent years, healthcare professionals and the general public have become increasingly concerned with the hazards of blood-borne pathogens and their mode of transmission. Latex gloves provide a primary form of protection. Many latex gloves for medical and laboratory use are made of natural rubber latex (NRL). NRL is a highly durable and flexible material that provides a high measure of protection against pathogens and environmental contaminants.

Although NRL gloves have become the material of choice for hand protection in many industries, some people have reported adverse reactions associated with the use of these gloves. These adverse reactions typically manifest themselves in the form of irritation, or delayed hypersensitivity (Type IV), or immediate hypersensitivity (Type I).

A latex-safe environment should be the goal of all healthcare facilities and Performance Safety Group continually strives to provide the highest level of allergy protection for healthcare workers and patients. Ultimately, the best treatment for a latex allergy is to avoid contact with latex products or use powder-free gloves to eliminate latex proteins becoming airborne. To that end, PSG has expanded its product line to include a vast assortment of alternative, yet suitable, gloves made of synthetic materials, which do not contain NRL. As a result, we are able to offer healthcare professionals the most comprehensive selection of synthetic medical and patient examination gloves to allow your facility to transition to a latex-free environment.

Our Medical Sales professionals welcome the opportunity to assist you in joining the many healthcare facilities worldwide who have successfully transitioned to Non-Latex gloves!

Chemotherapy Tested Gloves

Due to their potential mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects, occupational exposure to chemotherapy drugs should be kept to a minimum. Utilization of personnel protective devices, especially the use of protective medical gloves, provides a barrier to avoid skin contact. The choice of appropriate gloves is critical. For optimal protection in the oncology setting it is essential to establish general guidelines evaluating appropriate materials and defining quality standards. Establishing these guidelines can facilitate safer handling to avoid potential hazards and late sequelae. In the US, medical gloves used to handle chemotherapy drugs must meet ASTM International Standard D 6978-05; replacing the older 1999 standard of ASTM F739. Nitrile or natural rubber latex is a preferred basic glove material, while vinyl is considered inappropriate because of its generally increased permeability. For extended exposure to chemotherapy drugs, double gloving (the use of thicker gloves and the frequent change of gloves) increases their protective power.

For chemo-approved nitrile gloves meeting ASTM D6978 standards, please visit Nitrile Medical.

Supplier Diversity - adding value to the business of Performance Safety Group

Not only will Performance Safety Group help to fulfill your supplier diversity initiative and meet your set-aside contracting requirements, we also proudly contribute to a positive socio-economic impact. Recognizing the importance of diversity in today’s multicultural environment, PSG strives to create and maintain sustainable, mutually-beneficial relationships with small and diverse suppliers. Our partnerships with Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), HUBZone-Based, 8A Certified, Veteran-Owned, Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Service Disabled Veteran-Owned, Small Disadvantaged, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), LGBT and Woman-Owned distributors throughout the USA offer competitiveness, innovation and value to your supply chain.

PSG is dedicated to helping its customers deliver the highest quality products while reducing costs, streamlining processes and ensuring safety. We believe that an inclusive business environment and a diverse supplier base fosters collaboration that leads to innovative solutions, adds jobs and strengthens local economies. To that end, we welcome the opportunity to add to our supply chain diverse suppliers that contribute to our business processes and help meet our customers’ diversity objectives. We value the same qualities in distributors that our customers expect from PSG: competitive pricing, excellent customer service and open communication. Small and diverse businesses interested in joining our database of prospective distributors should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “Distributor” in the subject line.

Achieving a Higher Standard of Excellence

The cornerstone to our long-standing status as the industry leader amongst hand protection and hi-vis apparel providers is our rigorous quality control system -- bringing top-notch processes and professionals together to provide the utmost safety and satisfaction to our valued customers. This commitment is reflected in our varied industry certifications.

Green Initiatives - Sustainability

At Performance Safety Group we are committed to ensuring a healthy workplace and preserving our environment in partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our ethos of sustainability drives innovative production and distribution practices that lead to greater efficiencies, resulting in less waste, reduced emissions, and a healthier planet for future generations. PSG continually looks for ways to minimize the impact that our products, catalogs and packaging have on our environment. We work closely with our manufacturing facilities around the world to implement clean air, water, and energy best practices. Our headquarters is equipped with solar panels and offices / warehouses participate in a vigorous recycling program, and we encourage our customers and vendors to do the same.

PSG Greener Advantage packaging reduces the energy needed to produce and transport the product and result in less waste for the customer to dispose of, all of which helps to control costs and reduce landfill waste. Not only are our new, recyclable packaging options good for the environment, they also result in reduced waste, more efficient storage, less restocking and better pricing for our customers. In an era of rising costs, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities are always looking for ways to save money and increase their green credentials.

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At PSG we strive to be your disposable glove provider. Our staff possesses a unique understanding of the glove requirements of healthcare, clinical and dental professionals, and is dedicated to quality and open to innovative ideas. For glove specifications and certifications, sample requests, distributor information, to receive our 2016 Disposable Glove Catalog, or to place an order, please contact us at 877.PSG.GLOVES (774.4568) or INFO(at)

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