Great Glove Stretch Vinyl Powder-Free

Great Glove Stretch Vinyl Powder-Free

NMSTV70005: Small
NMSTV70010: Medium
NMSTV70015: Large
NMSTV70020: X-Large


Material: Vinyl
Grade: Industrial / Non-Medical
Finish: Powder-Free
Color: Natural / Creamy
Gloves Per Box: 100
Boxes Per Case: 10
Count Per Case: 1000


  • Remarkable softness, strength and stretch for routine non-medical tasks, food prep and line and grill work
  • Stretch Vinyl is high in comfort and quality while more economical than nitrile and latex
  • Offers exceptional strength and protection with the fit and feel of latex
  • Powder-free glove leaves no residue, helping to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria
  • Latex-free protein content, making them ideal for latex sensitive wearers

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